Drivers Licence Services

We offer:

  1. New Drivers Licence – if you are a new driver you will need to bring photo ID (passport, other government photo ID), supporting ID (health care card, birth certificate), you may also need to provide proof of residency in Alberta.  If you are a minor you will need parental consent.  If you are new to Canada you will need proof you are entitled to be in the country (work or visitors visa, permanent resident card etc.)
  2. Drivers Licence Renewal – you will need to provide your current or recently expired licence, and one support piece of ID.
  3. Duplicate Licence – if you lose your licence you can obtain a duplicate, you will need to bring support documents to prove your identity.
  4. Licence Exchange – if you need to change or correct any of the information on your licence, we can help you.  Bring documents to support the changes you need to make.
  5. Fees – Licences cost for $21.30 to $84.45 depending on the term they are valid for.  Exchanges and duplicates are $22.45.
  6. Knowledge Tests – We offer all classes of knowledge tests as well as the Air Brake Endorsement test.  All tests are $17.60.
  7. ID Cards – If you need government issued photo ID and are not eligible for a Drivers Licence, we can help you obtain it.  You will need to provide the same documents as for a Drivers Licence.  A 5 year Alberta ID is $49.45.