Vehicle Registrations

We offer:

New Registration –  Need to register a vehicle that is new to you? You will need to bring your bill of sale or lease agreement, proof of insurance, and if the vehicle is brand new also a NVIS.  All owners on the ownership document must be on the registration unless an Authorization for Vehicle Services form is provided requesting the changes, and signed by all owners. You have the option of purchasing a new plate or transferring one you already own.

Renew Registration – If you are the vehicle owner you will need to provide your ID and insurance, if you are acting on behalf of the owner you will also need the current registration certificate (not expired by more than 3 months) or an Authorization for Vehicle Services form.

Commercial Registrations – In addition to the documents mentioned above, you may need to provide, a Safety Fitness Certificate, An Operating Authority, a Commercial Vehicle Inspection.

Farm Plates – In addition to the documents mentioned above you will need to provide us with the weight the vehicle is to be registered at.  To obtain Farm Plates you must have a “farmer” attribute on your file, this is added by Alberta Agriculture.  If you do not have the attribute you will need to contact them at 780-422-9167.

Registration fees are based on class, weight and length of term, for more information please call us or come in to the office.

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