Alberta Birth Certificate


Birth Certificate

Order your Alberta Birth Certificates at our office, with or without parents names, cost is $35.75.

There are restrictions on who can order Birth Certificates;

The person whose birth is registered.

The parent of the person whose birth is registered, if the parent is not shown in the register a court order is required.

A person who is adopting a child, proof of pending adoption is required.

A person designated by a personal directive, a person with a court order, a person who requires the certificate to comply with other legislation.  A lawyer or designated agent of anyone above.  Ina all cases appropriate ID and/or additional documents may be required.

For more information contact us or go to the  Service Alberta website.

When the birth record is 120 years old or older, or 50 years has passed since the death of the registrant, the records are available for anyone to apply.